Unimog U500
Fully equipped North American model.

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Dealer demonstration truck - never registered.

Unimog U500 implement truck

Highlights -

  • U500 type 405.230, 154" wheelbase (3.90m).
  • Built September 2003.
  • 1'700 mi (2'720 km).
  • 6 cylinder LA EPA 98 turbo-diesel motor.
  • Power output 280 hp (205 kW), 800 ft.lbs (1'085 Nm).
  • 24-forward, 22-reverse speeds with Telligent® automated manual shifting (EPS).
  • VarioPilot left and right hand steering, 30 sec to change over.
  • 395-85 R20 Michelin XZL tires, 70 mph rating, 100 mi since factory tire recall.
  • 11'800 Kg GVWR (26'000 lbs), 5'400 Kg front (11'900 lbs), 7'200 Kg rear (15,800 lbs).
  • Driver's Instruction Book in English.
  • Vehicle Specification -

  • Standard 1 year unlimited mileage warranty on entire Unimog, including driveline, and except engine.
  • Standard 2 year warranty unlimited milage on engine through Detroit Diesel.
  • Carmine Red paint, MB3535.
  • 4 tires 395-85 R20 Michelin XZL, 70 mph rating.
  • Central tire inflation system (CTIS).
  • 8-forward, 6-reverse speed gearbox with Telligent® automated manual shifting (EPS).
  • Crawler gear and working gear boxes, resulting in 24 forward and 22 reverse gears.
  • Differential locks, center, front and rear axles, resulting in all-wheel drive.
  • Trailer brake package.
  • VarioPilot left and right hand steering, 30 sec to change over.
  • Vertical exhaust, right side pipe chrome plated.
  • Implement mounting plate, Category 5.
  • Rear, center, left and right mounting brackets at frame.
  • 12V jump start studs.
  • Front plug-in socket, 7 poles.
  • Prepared for CB / mobile telephone, 12V including antenna.
  • Prepared for 2-way radio, 12V including antenna.
  • Antenna and 2 loudspeakers.
  • Additional heater with engine preheating.
  • Double pump hydraulic package with proportional valves.
  • Daytime running lights (mandatory for Canada).
  • Raised headlights for front mounted implements, loose.
  • 6 cylinder LA EPA 98 turbo-diesel motor.
  • Increased power output 280 hp (205 kW), 800 ft.lbs (1'085 Nm).
  • Block heater including wiring and cable.
  • Fuel pre-warmer and water seperator.
  • Grid heater at air intake.
  • Live engine front PTO, 204 hp at 1'000 rpm, 1-3/4" spline shaft.
  • Rear and center PTO takeoffs.
  • Double pump hydraulic package with proportional valves.
  • Tip cylinder for platform, including warning light.
  • 3-way tiltable cargo bed, steel floor, aluminum sides.
  • Pintle hook, US version, 45'000 lb (200.17 kN) trailer weight, 6'000 lb (26.69 kN) tongue weight.
  • Accuride rims, tubeless, including rear mud guards.
  • Air suspended driver and passenger seats, safety belts and headrests.
  • Multi-layer glass windshield, heatable.
  • Electric right and left window lifters, rear sliding window.
  • Right side wide angle rear mirror, down view mirror.
  • 60 gallon fuel tank.
  • Speed limitator, 70 mph (110 kph).
  • Dimensions -

  • Overall dimensions 6.16m L, 2.30m W, 2.93m H (243" L, 91" W, 116" H).
  • Wheelbase 3.90m (154"), track width 1.82m (72"), ground clearance .44m (17").
  • Approach angle 28º, departure angle 34º, breakover angle 35º.
  • Inside bed dimensions 3.45m L, 2.20m W, 0.40m H (135.8" L, 86.6" W, 15.75" H).
  • Cargo bed front wall height 0.50m (19.7"), loose super structure mounting bolts.
  • Optional Items -

  • Workshop Manual in English or German.
  • 2'300 liter (600 gallon) water tank.
  • Self-contained high pressure fire pump, hose and power package.
  • Rear bed mounted shelter or camper.
  • Rear bed mounted seat bench.
  • Cargo bed side board extensions, bows and canvas.
  • This Unimog is SOLD!
    A tremendous savings over the original US customer list price of $138,200.
    A 2006 version with the features of this Unimog would be $150-155'000 retail, and
    only have a 260 hp turbo diesel engine - the 280 hp engine is no longer offered.
    Transportation to most US locations is approximately $2,500. This Unimog is
    DOT and EPA certified street legal in all 50 United States and Canada.

    Ask about shipping and cost savings for other North American locations,
    including Canada, Mexico and Central America, or for expert handling to
    South America, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia, Australia and Pacific Islands.

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